Seenthil Sugar (Giloy Satva)

Seenthil Sugar (Giloy Satva) 

(The Best Supplement For Diabetes and its 
Allied Diseases)

Strengthening the lifespan of health and enlarging the longevity of the livelihood can be Elixir. We must get all of the grandeur of that elixir  in only one  herb plant. That is why God created the Seenthil plant. That is why Seenthil plant is called by Amirtakodi, Amritavalli.

The Seenthil vine which is about creep on the big trees, Medical texts indicate that if the neem tree has been swept over, it would have better medicinal properties. Tinospora cordifolia is the plant name of Seenthil. Menispermaceae is a plant family. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts by Amrita, Chinnurha, Madhubi, Tantrika, Kundalini.

 Leaf, stem and root are all beneficial in medicine making. Dizziness, pain and fatigue can be cured by seenthil. It can produce more and improve sperm quality. Liver can be strengthened. Being  anathema. Feeling  sensual. It is possible to leave and get rid of the fever. Inflammation can be dissolved. Seenthil can cure Knee problems and chronic  arthritis also. The count of blood sugar can be controlled. Stomach problems can be eradicated. It has numerous medicinal benefits. It can cure the fever due to Vata and pita.  The flour (Sugar Sugar) made from Seenthil can cure acidity in stomach. Diarrhea also cureable by this seenthil plant. Ayurvedic medical texts recommend to treat hepatitis, heal the anemic in blood, and avoid frequent urination and heal skin diseases.

மேகமெனு மாதபத்தால் வெந்த வுயிர்ப்பயிரைத்
தாக மடங்கத் தணித்தலால் - ஆகம்
அமர ரெனலிருக்க வாதரித்த லாலே
அமுதவல்லி சஞ்சீவி யாம்.’ -  என்கிறது
சித்தர் பாடலான தேரன் வெண்பா.

Diabetes and diabetes mellitus, which is caused by a dull disease that can be wilted by the sun, can survive as a rainstorm. Sanjeevi herbal Seenthil  is the subject of this song, which helps to overcome the nervousness  and fitness, to live with health and to cope with chronic illnesses.

மேலும் இன்னொரு பாடலில்,
அமுதவல் லிக்கொடி யக்கார முண்டிடத்
திமிருறு மேகநோய்த் தீபெலா மாறுமே.’
- என்றும் குறிப்பிட்டிருக்கிறார்  தேரையர்.

If you have taken the sugar of Seenthil plant or Amirthavalli, you can get rid of the pain of the hands and legs and the problems of sexually transmitted diseases. In another song  sugar of the seenthil vine can cure  eighteen types of skin diseases.

Useful medicine in Seenthil

Seenthil should be dried in the shade by separating the leaves from the vine. The dried leaves are powdered and diluted with a teaspoon full in water, drinking  in  morning and evening , the amount of sugar in the blood will decrease. Shed the trunks in the trunk and take a teaspoon of powder. This powder should be boiled  with four glasses of water, after it shrinked to one glass, If you drink in a stomach in the morning in empty stomach, then the suffering of anorexia, stomach, and dysentery will go away. It is good medicine for the fever.

Seenthil Sugar preparation
Pounding the Seenthil and put the powder  in cold water and let it cool. If you put the water on the next day and remove the tip and put the water in the sun, you will be sprinkled. The water should be filtered and freshly mixed with water and put in the sun. By doing so many times we get a white dough. this is called seenthil  sugar.

If you take seenthil sugar from one gram to four grams in water, followed by heavy fever, spleen swelling, cough, soreness, vomiting and asthma, the above all problems have been healed.  It is also a solution for chronic inflammatory kidney diseases. It also helps to increase the immunity of breast milk. The liver and spleen are sure to cure when eat sugar of seenthil. Body weightand strength should be increased. Many other illnesses will soon be healed to add some seenthil sugar with other medicines.

We will also use the abrasion of Saints that can grow in any hassle!


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