Ficus Racemosa

Ficus Racemosa

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Common name: Cluster fig
Hindi: गूलर Goolar
Manipuri: হৈবোঙ Heibong
Telugu: Paidi
Sanskrit: उडुम्बर Udumbara
Marathi: Umber
Malayalam: Atti
Tamil: அத்தி Atti
Kannada: Rumadi
Oriya: Dimri
Nepali: गुलर Gular, डुम्री Dumri
Botanical name:  Ficus racemosa       
Family: Moraceae (Mulberry family)
Synonyms: Ficus glomerata, Ficus lucescens, Ficus racemosa var. elongata

Medicinal Use Of Gular Tree Or Cluster Fig Tree

Gular (Ficus racemosa , syn. Ficus glomerata Roxb.) tree is available throughout India. It is also known as Cluster fig in English. Goolar tree leaves, fruits and bark are used to treat various diseases.

Gular tree is astringent, antidiabetic, antiasthma tic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiulcer, anti-pyretic and anti diarrheal in action. Its latex is used to treat piles and hemorrhoids. Bark of gular tree is used to treat infections, swelling and inflammation.

Medicinal Uses of Gooler Tree

Here are some medicinal application of cluster fig to treat various diseases.

Mouth ulcers and other mouth infections

  • Take bark (10 gm)of gular tree and cook in water(400 ml) for few minutes. Add alum(pinch) and filter. Use this water to rinse mouth frequently .


  • Take bark of gular tree, grind on stone with water to make paste. Apply at affected area.


  • For curing boils take gular bark paste and apply at affected area.

Pimples and freckles

  • Take inner side of gular bark and make paste of it. Apply on pimples, acne and freckles.

Burn marks on skin

  • Take gular fruits and make paste. Mix paste with honey and apply regularly on burn marks. Use regularly to get normal skin tone.
  • Also burning causes skin to tighten and stiffen. Apply paste of bark and leaves at such burnt areas.

Rakta Pitta , Nose Bleeding

  • Take tender leaves(10-15), grind to extract juice and add misri to this juice. Take regularly.

Urticaria(Hives) or sheetpitta

  • Take tender leaves and extract juice. Drink 15 ml juice for few days.

Bhasmak rog

  • Dry gular fruits and make powder. Take this powder(1 tbsp) three times a day for few days.


  • Drink 10- 15 ml juice of gular tender leaves.

Stomach ache

  • Take dry fruits of gular, ajwain and sendha namak. Make powder and take two times a day with water.

Fistula, Piles Hemorrhoids

  • Take milk like secretion or latex of gular tree after plucking leaves and soak in cotton. Apply on affected area.

Leucorrhea, Weakness , Spermatorrhea

  • Drink 1 cup juice of gular tender leaves in morning.

Burning In Hands And Feet Due To Excess Pitt

  • Drink tender leaves juice of gular.

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