calotropis gigantea

Calotropis Gigantea

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Common name: Crown Flower
Hindi: Safed aak सफ़ैद आक
 • Manipuri: অংকোত Angkot
Tamil: எருக்கு Erukku
 • Telugu: Jilledi Puvvu జిల్లేడి పువ్వు
 • Nepali: आंक Aank, अर्क Ark, मदार Madaar
Botanical name: Calotropis gigantea     
Family: Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed family)

Madar plant medicinal uses, benefits and side effects

Calotropis gigantea or  Madar plant common shrub grows up to 4 meters in height. The lavender or white flowers have a waxy appearance, with ridged edges. Each flower has five petals and a small crown.
This crown holds the stamens. The sepals or petals of the flower remain arranged in a whorl do not overlap but only touch each other. The aak leaves are light green, subsessile, ovate and cordate at the base. The stem is milky.

Common names of aak plant

The common names of this plant are Sodom’s milkweed, Erukku, and Alarka. It has the English name Swallow Wort. It also has the name Aak or Ark (Sanskrit). Other names are Kapok tree, rubber bush, Neela Eukku.

Botanical name of Madar plant

The botanical name of this plant is Calotropis Gigantea. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family.

Geological places where Calotropis Gigantea grows

This plant is native to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, tropical Africa, Nepal, Pakistan, and China. One can find in open areas, wastelands, and arid areas throughout in India.

Calotropis gigantea medicinal uses to cure diseases

The milky exudate of the plant is poisonous. You can purify it and use it for medicinal purposes. The herb is very strong and has an astringent action. Hence, people compare it to the sun. It balances the kapha and vatadoshas due to its ushnaveerya.

Uses of Madar Flower

  • It cures medical conditions: Arka finds a use for treating conditions such as excessive salivation.
  • Treat piles: You can treat hemorrhoids with this Madar herb. Apply the latex on the piles topically. Find home remedies for piles.
  • Correct eating disorders: People use Arka to treat anorexia.
  • Carminative effect: You can cure the gas in the intestines with this Arka plant extract.
  • Good for the digestive system: Arka is light and easy to digest and improves digestive strength.
  • It improves sexual health: The Madar plant extract preparations make tonics for sexual health. People use this herb as an aphrodisiac.
  • Good for coughs: You get relief from coughs and asthma by using the Arka herb. It is a good expectorant and finds use in treating respiratory disorders.

Benefits of Aak flowers with red tinge

  1. Helps cure skin problems: Madar helps treat skin diseases.
  2. Balances dosha: The Arka flower can balance the kaphadosha.
  3. Shows good vermifuge action: You can get rid of worms in the intestine by using the preparations made from this Madar herb.
  4. Relief from toxins: The madar herb shows good protective action against toxins.
  5. Treat bleeding disorders: You can correct and cure bleeding disorders by using this Arka herb.
  6. Control diarrhoea: If you suffer from loose motion, you can control it through the Madar herb.
  7. Helps improve intestinal health: You get relief from bloating by taking the preparations of this Aak herb.

Medicinal uses of Calotropis gigantea Leaves

Dosha balancing property: The preparation from the leaves of the Arka plant is useful for balancing the Vatadosha.
Good anti-inflammatory nature: The anti-inflammatory nature of Arka helps us treat inflammatory diseases such as gout and rheumatism. Warm the crushed leaves and apply it on painful joints for immediate relief.
Rid Blemishes of the skin: You may apply the latex of the plant mixed with haldi to the facial skin to get rid of discolouration and blemishes. You can add suitable churna and cure vitiligo.
Treat Ear pain: To get a cure for ear disorders or pain in the ear, use yellow Aak leaves. Wash the leaves in water and extract the juice after you dry them. To 1 tablespoon of the juice, add 1 tablespoon of sesame oil. Add dalchini, hing, calamus, and garlic (1/4 teaspoon each) to the mixture.

Cool, strain, and store it for use as ear drops. Or, you can use the leaves roasted with ghee to make the juice. Then, use it as ear drops. You can also cure deafness by taking the juice from a yellow leaf and putting it in the ear.
It helps bowel movement: The preparations of the Madar plant help ease constipation.
Improve speed of healing: Calotropis Gigantea helps improve the healing of the superficial wounds on the skin.
Good for the skin: The skin health-enhancing properties of the Aak herb helps relieve itching. You can use it for treating a variety of skin ailments.
Excellent vermifuge: Like the flower, the Arka leaves also find use in curing worm infestations. 
Cure for boils: Take the latex of the Calotropis Gigantea tree. Mix it with turmeric and apply it on the affected area.
Hypoglycaemic effect: The Madar leaves find a use for controlling the high levels of sugar in the blood.
Vomit therapy: The latex of the Aak leaves can cause vomiting and purgation. Hence, it finds use in purgation and vomiting therapy.
Cure foot blister: You get immediate relief for foot blister by applying the latex of the Madar tree.

Uses of Calotropis Gigantea Bark

It relieves constipation: The bark of the Arka plant helps in improving the bowel movement.
Useful expectorant: The preparation of the Madar tree will help relieve coughs and cold.
Cure for cholera: We take the dried bark of the Arka plant and powder it. To this, we add pepper powder and ginger juice. We roll it into small tablets the size of a pea. Take the tablet every two hours with mint juice. This will help cure the fever.

Medicinal uses of whole Madar plant

Antidote for snake poison: During the olden times, people chewed the leaves of the Calotropis Gigantea plant and applied the latex over the wound of a snake bite.
Relief for a toothache: We apply the latex on the gums to get relief from a toothache.
Relief from gastritis: They process the leaves of the Madar plant and use it to get relief from gastritis.
Cure for chronic diarrhoea and indigestion: You can use the preparations of the Arka plant to cure diarrhea that is long lasting. It settles the stomach and helps augment the digestive process.
Use as an abortifacient: The milky discharge of the Arka plant is an abortifacient. So, women who want to abort their child will use the latex preparations.
Spasmogenic property: The preparations of the plant are capable of Spasmogenic effect. So, it finds use in the treatment of a variety of diseases.
Treat sexually transmitted diseases: People use the white flowers of the Madar plant for treating diseases such as syphilis.
Good antifungal property: You can treat diseases such as candida by using the Arka plant preparations. The medicine can prove poisonous if you overdose so be careful.
The aak latex is poisonous. It can cause temporary blindness, so you should take care when you handle Calotropis gigantea or Madar herb.

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