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 What is a stroke?


Stroke means brain damage. Stroke is caused by a blockage in the blood flow to the brain. Cells die due to lack of oxygen and nutrients to the affected part of the brain.


How to identify a stroke ?

·         Stroke victims suffered one of the following symptoms are found ...

·         Sudden numbness or numbness in the arm , leg , or face

·         Difficulty in speaking due to tongue tingling

·         Disorder of eye sight

·         Difficulty in walking

·         Dizziness

·         Loss of physical balance and inability to stand up straight

·         Severe headache


What are the two types of strokes ?   

Stroke caused by bleeding in the brain

Stroke occurs when weakened blood vessels in the brain rupture and leak into the surrounding brain tissue. Brain cells die when blood clots and compresses the brain.

Stroke caused by decreased blood flow to the brain

Stroke occurs when blood flow to certain parts of the brain is blocked. Decreased blood flow causes brain cells to die.  Stroke leaves one unable to do even the life-sustaining tasks of life, such as walking and talking.

What happens normally to a person who has a stroke

 When a stroke or stroke is diagnosed, the patient is admitted to a nearby hospital, where an MRI scan is first taken and treatment is continued in the ICU for ten days or a week before discharging the patient in the same condition.

Patients then take the pill and medication they are given, Lifelong inability to lift hands, unable to speak clearly, or unable to walk properly, the patient will have to continue with the disability for the rest of your life

Continuing treatment is how it is, people who have had a stroke advised to take Aspirin tablet called Antiplatelet, Anti- Cholesterol tablets, and blood pressure pills throughout their life to prevent recurrence of stroke. A few doctors and people with stroke think that oil massage and physiotherapy alone are enough. Exercise is definitely important in reducing the Nervousness of people who have had a stroke. Just rubbing the oil on the skin will make it shiny and the flesh will not return to normal and the numbness will not go away.

 But this does not really make any progress in curing stroke. Taking more and more pills will only make the side effects worse.


The perfect treatment to cure stroke


 Curing a stroke is the complete repair of a patient's disability or injury. But all of the existing Western medicine keeps the patient patient only for life. It is our ignorance to expect that medicine, which cannot cure even a minor cold, can cure a stroke that can cause such great physical harm.

Stroke patients can be cured using medicines in our Sidha, Ayurvedic medicine System to completely cure Chronic stroke and stroke effects.

75% -100% of chronic stroke patients can be cured with two to three months of continuous treatment.  Complete healing can be achieved by consuming cleansing medications in series therapy, by consuming medications that heal the affected nerves, muscles and blood vessels within the body, and by doing herbal oil massage daily for external application to the affected limbs.


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