Pergularia Daemia

Pergularia Daemia

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Common name: Pergularia
Hindi: Utaran, Sagovani, Aakasan, Gadaria Ki bel, Jutak
Marathi: Utarn
Tamil: Uttamani, Veli paruthi
Malayalam: Veliparatti
Telugu: Dustapuchettu, Jittupaku
Kannada: Halokoratige, Juttuve, Talavaranaballi, Bileehatthi balli
Bengali: Chagalbati, Ajashringi
Oriya: Utrali
Sanskrit: Uttamarani, Kurutakah, Visanika, Kakajangha
Botanical name: Pergularia daemia     
Family: Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed family)
Synonyms: Asclepias daemia, Daemia extensa, Cynanchum extensum

Veliparuthi plant also commonly called uthamani in Tamil is called Utran in Hindi and Trellis-Vine in English. It's a creeper and it's botanical name is pergularia Daemia. You can easily find this plant in most of the villages in India and it's found in most of the Asian countries and in Africa. 

 This plant is well known in our village side and we use it extensively in home remedies. The best way to identify the plant is with it's unique fruits and heart shaped leaves. Usually it is found along the road side and that is why it is commonly called veli paruthi.  It smells bad when bruised and stems produce a milky latex when broken. Each and every part of this plant is used as a medicine including the latex.

 It reduces blood sugar levels, treats jaundice and minor wounds and the best part is extensive studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of most of it's medicinal uses. Since it is easily found along road sides, using the extract for treating insect bites are very common in our place.

 You can also grow this plant in your garden and it needs very little maintenance. The leaves also can be collected, dried and stored for future use. An  important study on veliparuthi which really excited me was about it's amazing use in treating poly cystic ovarian syndrome which affects many women now. The study showed remarkable results when 1ml of fresh veliparuthi leaf juice was administered for 6 consequential days and the researchers concluded that veliparuthi extract was highly effective in treating pcos.

 One study done on rats proved conclusively that veliparuthi infusion protects the liver of toxicity. It was also proven of it's effectiveness in treating toothache and also in a study done on rats showed significant antihyperglycemic activity (diabetic control). Velparuthi also showed significant antibacterial and anti fungal properties and along with it antioxidant properties too, making it very valuable for treating stress related diseases. Pregnant women and women who are planning for pregnancy should not consume this herb as it has anti fertility properties.