Hemidesmus indicus

Hemidesmus indicus

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Common name: Indian Sarsaparilla
Hindi: अनंतमूल Anantamul, दूधली Dudhli
Manipuri: অনংতমূল Anantamul
Marathi: अनंतवेल Anant vel
Tamil: Nannari, Sugandipala
Malayalam: Narunenti
Telugu: Suganda pala
Kannada: Sugankha-palada-gidda, Sogade
Oriya: onotomulo
Gujarati: Sariva, Upalasari
Sanskrit: अनंतमूल Anantamul, Sariva
Botanical name: Hemidesmus indicus  
Family: Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed family)

Hemidesmus indicus (Anantmool) health benefits and uses

Hemidesmus indicus or Anantmool is a semi-erect and sometimes prostrate shrub with woody aromatic roots. The slender, numerous stem is terete with thick nodes. The leaves are very variable, opposite, and short-petioled. They are oblong-elliptic to linear lanceolate. The flowers are green on the outside and purplish inside.

The stem and branches of the plant twine anticlockwise and the roots have a camphor-like smell. Flowers may be greenish-yellow to greenish purple on the outside and yellow to light purple on the inside. It has fused corolla that numbers twice that of the calyx. Pistil is bicarpellary with free ovaries many ovuled and having distinct styles.

The leaves and roots of the plant are used for making medicines.

Common name

The common name for this plant is Sariva. It is also called Anantmool or Indian Sarsaparilla.

Botanical name and family

The botanical name of the plant is Hemidesmus Indicus. It belongs to the family Apocyanaceae.

Geological areas where Hemidesmus Indicus plant grows

In India, it grows in Punjab and in the upper Gangetic plains up to Assam. You also find it in a few places in central, western and southern India.

Hemidesmus Indicus Medicinal uses for curing diseases

It is traditionally used to make beverages and in the preparation of medicines. In some places, the pickled root is served along with rice. Because it is a coolant and blood purifier, they make a refreshing drink out of it with sugar syrup. 

Relieves cough: It has good anti-tussive effect and helps relief recurrent cough. Have the decoction both in the morning and the evening.

Good for hiccups: The soothing effect of the herb helps to cure hiccups. Have a glass in which you added two drops of the decoction and you will soon be free of hiccups.
Detoxifying herb: This is one of the best-known detoxifying herbs that acts from both within and the outside of the body. Hence, it gives a glow on the skin. Drink the decoction both in the morning and the evening for the best effect. 

Blood purifying properties: It has remarkable blood purifying abilities. Due to this, people use it for snake bites, poisonous insect bites, and scorpion bites. It is thought that it has some substance that interacts directly with the toxic material in the blood and neutralizes it.

Manage venereal disease: You can treat venereal disease most effectively using Anantmool. Due to its action, the blocks and toxins in the reproductive system are flushed out of the body for both males and females. It eradicates deadly microbial diseases such as leucorrhoea and gonorrhoea.

Cooling property: The root of this plant is administered to help the body to cool down. It stabilizes the body system and makes the person become peaceful. Have a refreshing tumblerful of a fruit drink to which you add the essence of the root.

Solves stomach problems: It can neutralize the abnormal acid secretions and make the stomach normal again. Thus, Sariva is useful for treating stomach ulcers, severe gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. Hemidesmus indicus helps prevent excessive bleeding which may be the case in some ulcerations.

Treats fevers: The nature of the root is to balance the pitta and so it brings down fevers naturally. You can use the paste of the Hemidesmus indicus root and apply it on the forehead or give the patient a decoction of the root to drink.

Helps resolve skin conditions: Apply the root paste on the places where you have skin trouble. Do this for one week and you will see a remarkable change in the conditions of your skin.

Oral ulcers: The root possesses remarkable healing properties. You can improve your oral hygiene by drinking the decoction daily for a week.

Helps cure anaemia: It augments the production of the red blood cells. So, you can cure anemia by drinking the juice containing the essence of Sariva.

Refreshing decoction: It satisfies all the three doshas vata, pitta, and kapha and so it helps the body regain its stability. It adds energy to the body system and so it refreshes the person.

General body tonic: One can use the decoction as a health tonic. It gives instant energy and makes the person brisk and agile. This is useful for those who are always active or participate in sporting events. Have the paste mixed with honey twice a day for thirty days.

Adds strength and vitality: By improving the body functioning the Anantmool helps to add vitality to the activity. The person is naturally refreshed and takes a more active part in the things around him or her.

Brain tonic: The activity of the brain gets better. The person begins to think more clearly and this helps him or her to achieve better results. This is good for students as it helps to clear their brain and make them refreshed. Those suffering from psychotic disorders and depression will benefit by having this juice twice daily for a fortnight.

Treat joint pain: One can get relief from joint pain by applying the paste of the Hemidesmus indicus on the joints. Mix the paste with some butter before applying. This will give the best results.

Pacify all doshas: If you have any problems in your body, drink a glass of the decoction of the anantmool morning and night until your problems are solved.

Manage disorders of the female reproductive system:
 It has good ability to manage a host of female problems including Menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhoea, and more. It helps augment the reproductive system and balances the doshas to make the person more agile and active.

Works as a diuretic: It helps you to pass urine freely. In this way, it flushes the body of the toxins and makes you strong against disease and infections.

Anti-inflammatory properties: One of the most useful properties of the Sariva root is that it helps get rid of inflammation.

Helps rectify loss of appetite: Drink a juice of water to which you added the essence of the anantmool root. This will help you regain your appetite.

Increases semen count: It helps the virility of the person by augmenting the sperm count. Drink the juice regularly and regain your vitality.

Excessive thirst: It helps you tackle the problem of excessive thirst. You can add some of the decoction to the juice or beverage you take to keep the thirst under control.

Controls Diarrhoea: By drinking the decoction, you can keep your diarrhoea under control. Sprinkle some powdered root over your food when you have the meals.

Check Diabetes: The Sariva helps one to keep control over the sugar levels in the blood. You only need to add some of the paste to the dish you prepare.
Make sure you have the drink with the root daily. It helps augment your health and makes you strong.

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