Erythrina Indica

Erythrina Indica

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Common name: Indian Coral Tree, Lenten tree, Tiger claw
Hindi: Pangara पंगार • Manipuri: Kurao
Tamil: கல்யாண முருங்கை Kalyana murungai
Tangkhul: Thikchowon kahunga
Botanical name: Erythrina variegata     
Family: Fabaceae (pea family)
Synonyms: Erythrina indica, Erythrina mysorensis, Erythrina orientalis

Erythrina indica (Indian coral tree): Uses and side effects

‎Erythrina indica is a fast-growing deciduous tree. It attains heights of 50 feet and has green and yellow variegated leaves. The 6-inch long leaves form on spiny branches. These are trifoliate, bright emerald green, and alternate. Here we will talk about erythrina indica medicinal uses and side effects.

The blossoms are 2.5 inches long. They remain arranged in 6-inch long racemes. The seeds are poisonous and remain contained in pods 12 inches long. Flowering is in early summer though the flowers do not have any fragrance. The bark is smooth and green when young but becomes spiny when the tree matures.

Erythrina indica common name

The common names for this plant include Mullumurikki, kafferboom, Paribhadra, and Dadak. The English name is Indian Coral Tree.

Botanical name and family

The botanical name is Erythrina Indica. It belongs to the Fabaceae family.

Geological places where Indian Coral Tree grows

It grows in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world. You find in most of the regions of Algeria in Africa, Bermuda, Brazil, and Guatemala in America, Albania, Azerbaijan, and Bhutan. In India, it is grown across the country.

Erythrina indica medicinal uses for curing diseases

The parts of the Erythrina indica tree contain many useful medical properties. The most used parts are the leaves, flower, and bark.

Improve digestive strength

The decoction prepared from the stem helps to improve the digestion. Take a glass of the decoction before a meal, and this will help improve your appetite. This is one of the best erythrina indica medicinal uses.

Cure anorexia

The Indian coral tree has wonderful stabilizing nature for the stomach. It helps to rectify eating disorders such as anorexia and improve the health of the person. You must take one glass of the decoction made from the leaves or the bark daily before lunch. This will put right any problems you have with your stomach or digestive system.

Treat swelling and inflammations

You use the bark to treat rheumatism. Make a paste and apply it to the joints where you have pain and swelling. This will help to make the pain and swelling lesser. You can augment the action by having the decoction of the leaves daily.

Get relief in liver disorders

The Murikki plant has good hepatoprotective properties. It helps augment the health of the liver by flushing out the toxins. You can have a preparation of the flowers of the Murikki plant and improve the health of the liver. Or, have the decoction of the leaves and benefit. This is one of the effective erythrina indica medicinal uses.

Help cure worm infestation

People who suffer from worm infestation will get good relief by taking the decoction of the bark daily with their meal. The action of the Indian coral tree is to stun the worms so that they will get flushed out by the natural bowel movement. Have the juice of the leaves daily in the morning on an empty stomach to get the best results.

Reduce cholesterol

You can reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood by adding some essence of the leaves of the Indian coral tree to your diet. It flushes out the bad LDL cholesterol and helps augment the heart health. Regular use will make your heart healthy and give you good strength.

Bark has an astringent property

The ability to absorb moisture we call astringent nature. The bark of the murikki tree has astringent properties. So, you can use it on your skin to dry your oily skin. You can also use it on wounds with purulent discharge to enhance the healing.

Relief from fever

The Erythrina indica has antipyretic properties so that you can use it to get relief from fevers. Have one glass of the tea prepared from the leaves of the tree twice daily until the fever is gone.

Help fight obesity

If you have problems with your weight, you can try using the decoction of the bark of the tree. Powder the bark and boil it in a pan full of water. Wait until the water reduces and then cool it. Filter this and store it for use. Have one cup twice daily and watch your weight decrease fast. This is one of the time tested erythrina indica medicinal uses.

Use bark as an expectorant

For those with problems of excess phlegm in the nasal passages and chest, using the decoction prepared from the bark will help to solve the problem. It will remove the phlegm after you use it daily for a week at least.

Used for earaches

The juice of the leaves finds use as ear drops for relieving the ear pain.


The leaves and flower of the Indian coral tree find use in making the decoction to clear the stomach. Have the preparation for two to three days in the morning to get good purgative action. It removes all the gas in the intestines.

Cure women problems

The preparation of the leaves and bark finds use as a uterine tonic. Women use it when they have delayed periods or amenorrhea.


You can use it to dress wounds due to its antiseptic action. Boil some flowers and leaves in water and let it cool. Then, filter and use the water to clean and dress wounds.

Improve milk production

We apply the bark and leaf of the Erythrina Indica on the outside and drink the essence as a tonic to improve milk production in female.


Men use the preparation of the Erythrina Indica as an aphrodisiac.

Used as an ingredient for other medical preparations

The Indian Coral Tree finds use in many other medical preparations. Here are some of the applications:
Treat many neuromuscular conditions: We use a few preparations to treat the neuromuscular condition and skeletomuscular conditions such as neuralgia and arthritis. You can use it as an external or internal application.
Liver and spleen disorder: Used in the powder form, it can help treat liver and spleen disorders.
Cure non-healing wounds: Often, we see people suffer from wounds and fractures that never heal. Preparations made using the parts of the Indian coral tree helps in curing them.
Improve brain health: There are a few preparations that help improve the brain power and functioning. It boosts the memory and augments the health of the brain.

Side effects of Erythrina indica

Erythrina indica medicinal uses are countless. There are no side effects reported on the use of Erythrina indica. But, overdosing may cause problems. Taking more medicines will not improve the symptoms. In fact, they may cause poisoning. Do not give the medicine to anybody else but rather refer them to a physician.

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