Acacia Arabica

Acacia Arabica

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Common name: Tomentose Babool, black piquant, black babul, gum arabic, Egyptian mimosa, Egyptian thorn, prickly acacia, Nile acacia, scented thorn, scented-pod acacia
Hindi: बबूल babool, कीकर kikar
Manipuri: চিগোঙ লৈ Chigong lei
Marathi: बाभूळ babhul, बाभळी babhali, बाभळ babhal, देवबाभळ devababhal, पुळाटी pulati, रामबाभळ ramababhal, रामकांटी ramakanti
Tamil: கறுவேளை karuvelai , கருவேல், கருவேல மரம்
Malayalam: കരിവേലം karivelam
Telugu: నల్లతుమ్మ nalla tumma
Kannada: ಗೊಬ್ಳಿ ಮರ gobli mara, ಕರಿಜಾಲಿ karijaali
Bengali: বাবলা babala • Konkani: बाबुळ babul
Gujarati: બાવળ baval, બાવળિયો bavaliyo
Sanskrit: बब्बुल babbul, बब्बूलः babbulaha, पङ्क्तिः panktiha, सोमवृक्ष somavriksha, तीक्ष्ण कण्टक tikshna kantaka, वर्वू varvu, वर्वुरः varvrurha, युग्मकण्ट yugmakanta
Botanical name: Acacia nilotica ssp. tomentosa     
Family: Mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family)
Synonyms: Acacia arabica var. tomentosa, Acacia nilotica var. tomentosa

Medicinal benefits of Acacia Tree or Babool Tree

Babool is a well-known plant, mostly known for its medicinal properties. Today we will be telling you the 12 extremely helpful and miraculous benefits of Acacia plant.

The trees of babool are average and medium-sized ones. The bark of the tree is brown in color, dry and form cracks in length. The branches are round, soft and bent ones. The new tender branches are slippery and oily.
It bears leaves which are bipinnate, very small and in a group of 4-9 leaves. The flowers are round, yellow and grow in bunches of 4-6. It also bears pods which are 3-6 inch long, each pod has 8-12 flat seeds. The wood of plant is said to be best for burning.

Chemical composition of the plant:

The bark of the plant has 6-12 percent bitter chemicals and the pod contains, 12-19% tannin in it. The bark also releases a chemical which is known as babool gum.

Where the plants are found?

Mostly, the babool plant grows in desert. It is found all over the India, in wild as well as in cultivated forms.

Properties of Acacia tree:

Acacia tree is very effective to cure kapha and pitta. The gum silents vata pitta and cures urinary disorders, swelling, pain and bleeding of uterus. It has binding effect on stools.
The pod is anthelmintic, anti-dermatoses and relieves burning sensation.


English name– Acacia tree
Hindi name– Babool, Babur, Keekar
Sanskrit name– Barbar, Deerg hakantaka, Ajameghya
Telugu name– Baburram, Nakka Dumma
Bengali name– Bawala, Babul, Keekar
Kingdom– Plantae
Family name– Mimosaceae
Botanical name– Acacia nilotica
Now, we shall be talking about the health benefits of Acacia tree. You will really be surprised of its benefits given below.

Medicinal benefits of Babool tree:

1. Treats Eye pain-

  • Grind the soft tender leaves and put 1-2 drops of the extract, in the eyes.
  • It treats swelling of the eyes and eye pain.

2. For Toothache–

  • Burn the peel of its pod and almonds.
  • Using this ash, brush your teeth.
  • It treats toothache effectively.
  • Use the soft branches to brush the teeth.
  • It strengthens the teeth and cures all types of tooth infections.

3. Aids in Jaundice-

  • Mix equal quantities of its flower powder with sugar candy.
  • Give 10 gm of this powder to the patient, thrice a day.
  • It  fastens the recovery of jaundice.

4. Treats Diarrhoea-

  • Take 8-10 leaves of babool and grind them with small amounts of roasted cumin seeds.
  • Give 10 gm of this mixture orally at night.
  • It cures diarrhoea.

5. Good for Stomach related problems-

  • Prepare a decoction of its inner bark and give 1-2 gm of this, with buttermilk.
  • In diet, give buttermilk too.
  • It cures all types of abdominal disorders.

6. Cures Throat problems-

  • Take equal quantities of its leaves, bark and bark of banyan tree.
  • Soak them in a glass of water.
  • Use this solution to gargle.
  • It cures throat problems.

7. Aids in Eczema-

  • Grind the flowers of acacia tree, in vinegar and make a paste of it.
  • Apply this on affected areas.
  • It is very effective in curing eczema.

8. Helpful in Pregnancy–

  • Give 2-4 gm powder of its leaves, every morning.
  • It helps in conceiving.
  • During pregnancy, it should be given to the woman.
  • It improves the physical strength.

9. Reduces Excessive sweating-

  • Grind equal quantities of its leaves and young harad.
  • Massage the body with this powder and after sometime, take a bath.
  • Regular use of this controls the sweat.

10. Helpful in Lumbago-

  • Take equal quantities of its bark, pod and gum.
  • Grind them all to form a powder.
  • Give one teaspoonful of this powder, thrice a day.
  • It gives relief from the pain in the waist.

11. Aids in Metrorrhagia-

  • Take equal quantities of babool’s gum and wheat.
  • Grind them and take 2 teaspoonful of this powder, every morning and evening.
  • It controls excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle.

12. Treatment for Sexual disorders-

  • Shade dry the pods and grind them.
  • Mix them with equal quantity of sugar candy.
  • Give 1 teaspoon of this powder, every morning and evening, with fresh water.
  • It thickens the semen and cures all problems related to sexual organs and functioning.
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