Kattukodi (Herbal Viagra)

Kattukodi (Herbal Viagra)


Information about the medicinal benefits of Cocculus hirsutus (known as Kattukkodi in Tamil) is provided below.

Cocculus hirsutus is a climbing plant that grows on fences, bushes, fields, and farms. There are two types: small and large Cocculus hirsutus, both having the same medicinal properties. Multiple vines can emerge from a single root, and the plant can propagate by roots when buried in the soil or by seeds. It is easily found in rural areas. The vine resembles a rope, is long, and has tongue-shaped leaves. It often climbs palm and coconut trees.

Medicinal Uses of Cocculus hirsutus:

1. Cooling and Saliva Production:

   - Acts as a coolant and enhances saliva production.

2. Treatment for Blood Dysentery and Hemorrhoids:

   - Chewing half a leaf and swallowing it can cure blood dysentery, hemorrhoids, and burning sensations.

3. Remedy for Diabetes, Fatigue, and Excessive Thirst:

   - Mixing Cocculus hirsutus leaves and neem shoots in equal measure and consuming in the morning can treat diabetes, fatigue, body burning sensation, excessive thirst, and urinary sugar issues.

4. Curing Dysentery:

   - Grinding the leaf to the size of half a lemon and consuming it with buffalo curd cures severe dysentery.

5. Treating Constipation:

   - Grinding the leaf with mango pulp, adding milk and sugar, and consuming it in the morning and evening can cure constipation. Only give porridge diet.

6. Relief from Rheumatic Pain:

   - Boil Cocculus hirsutus roots with a piece of dry ginger and pepper, and consume to relieve rheumatic pain, arthritis, and joint pain.

7. Treatment for Vaginal Discharge:

   - Soaking the leaf juice with sugar in water and consuming it early in the morning cures leucorrhea, white discharge, and cold diarrhea.

8. Treating Abdominal Pain in Children:

   - Mixing the root with chickpea flour and giving half a teaspoon mixed in water can relieve stomach pain in children.

9. Menstrual Problems:

   - For heavy menstrual bleeding, blood in urine, cold diarrhea, and white discharge, using Cocculus hirsutus and Abutilon Indicum (Thuthi plant) provides relief.

10. Blood Regulation:

   - Helps in controlling blood flow during menstruation. Soak ten leaves in water, squeeze the juice out, let it sit for half an hour until it becomes jelly-like, and consume a spoonful in the morning and evening.

11. Treating Rheumatic Diseases:

   - Boil dry ginger, pepper, and Cocculus hirsutus leaves and drink to reduce rheumatic diseases.

12. Treating Spermatorrhea and Premature Ejaculation:

   - Widely used globally to treat spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, and weak sperm.

13. Kidney-Related Issues:

   - Helps treat kidney-related issues by clearing the urinary tract.

14. Cooling Properties for Women:

   - The cooling properties of the leaves cure white discharge in women.

15. Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

   - Cures sexually transmitted diseases and genital-related issues in both men and women.

16. Rheumatoid Arthritis:

   - Helps treat chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

17. Healing Broken Bones:

   - Aids in healing broken bones and bone dislocations when consumed internally.

18. Antidote for Poison:

   - Used as an external antidote for poison bites and to reduce irritation.

19. Reduces High Blood Pressure:

   - Lowers high blood pressure and treats insomnia.

20. Gout, Headaches, and Nerve Pain:

   - Helps treat gout, headaches, nerve pain, and migraines.

Preparation and Usage:

Only the leaves and roots of Cocculus hirsutus have medicinal properties. Commercially, when the vine is ground with the stem to increase quantity, or when ground in machines that heat it, the medicinal properties are reduced. 

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