Aloe Vera Oil for Hair Growth: The Ultimate Solution for Baldness

 Aloe Vera Oil for Hair Growth: The Ultimate Solution for Baldness

If you apply only aloe vera oil, hair will grow even on bald spots! There's no better oil for hair growth than this.

Addressing Hair Loss at an Early Stage

It's best to address hair loss issues in their early stages. Prolonged hair loss can lead to baldness. Not only men but women also suffer from severe hair loss, leading to visible bald patches. This reduces the density of hair, making the scalp visible. Some people also have scars on their scalp due to injuries.

In areas with scars, hair regrowth is often hindered. However, even those with such issues can benefit from applying this oil. Aloe vera oil possesses the miraculous ability to make scars disappear quickly and stimulate hair growth in those areas. The lack of proper blood circulation in the scalp prevents the formation of new cells, halting hair growth.

Aloe vera has the extraordinary power to rectify this issue and promote hair growth from the roots. The gel obtained from aloe vera, when used to prepare this oil, helps in the healthy growth of hair, making it longer and denser. Along with a few other ingredients, we are going to prepare a healthy and cooling oil.

Preparing the Oil

1. Extracting Aloe Vera Gel: 

Take three aloe vera leaves. Once the yellow liquid drains out, scrape out the inner gel and wash it thoroughly to clean it. Washing it five or six times in water will ensure it is clean. Rinse for a minute and set aside.

2. Adding Ginger: 

Take a piece of ginger the size of an Indian gooseberry, peel it, wash it, chop it finely, and add it to the aloe vera gel. Grind them together to a fine paste without using any water.

3. Cooking the Mixture:

    - Place a thick-bottomed pan on the stove and pour 200 ml of pure coconut oil.

    - Add the aloe vera gel and ginger paste to the oil. Heat the mixture on low flame, allowing it to boil thoroughly. Be cautious as it might splatter.

    - Once it starts boiling and thickening, add a teaspoon of whole black pepper. The nutrients in black pepper help remove scars and promote hair growth in those areas. Let it boil well.

    - After a minute, add half a handful of fresh curry leaves and let it boil. Curry leaves are excellent for thickening hair and provide cooling properties beneficial for eye health.

4. Final Steps:

    - When the 200 ml of coconut oil reduces to half and starts splattering, turn off the stove and let it cool completely.

    - Once cooled, strain the oil and store it in a bottle.

Regularly applying this oil as usual will ensure that even the baldest spots will see new, thick, and long hair growth.

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