To get strong lungs, to work tirelessly, to live without disease

To get strong lungs, to work tirelessly, to live without disease


Take a handful of Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf and chew it in your mouth, swallow half of it, and keep the remaining half of the Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf pulp in the jaw area of ​​the mouth and run for a short distance.


It is certain that the tiredness and breathing difficulty that occurs whenever we run, now does not occur in our body.


It may be surprising, but this is the truth.


What is the reason for this?


When the leaves of Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) are absorbed into the body, it instantly strengthens the lungs. This herb called Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) has such amazing power


That is


An indescribable amount of strength is imparted to our lungs by the Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf.


This is why our breathing, which happens when we walk fast, from upper breath to lower breath, takes place as regular breathing, even if it is fast.


This change cannot be fully realized in one day, it takes a week to realize it.


An experimental training method


Try to run a certain distance today without eating Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf.


Next day


Chew and swallow the Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaves and run the same distance to really feel the difference between the two.


On the first day of running, you will feel more tired and on the next day of running, the level of fatigue will decrease.


Even if you don't notice a big difference in a couple of days when you chew the leaves and swallow them.


By the end of a week's time, the sighs and exhaustion from running will be completely gone, and we can all feel the difference.


If you follow this remedy daily, the lungs will get stronger and the energy expended by running is immediately collected in the body, that's why the body does not get tired even if you run.




So for today's era, to get Prana Shakti, there is no better easy remedy than this, use it and get benefit.


Side Effects of Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) Leaf


If you eat Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf daily, not only the lungs will get stronger, but also the variations of vada pitta siletham will be balanced and the body will have immunity and all the diseases that appear in the body will be removed.


If you eat Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaves, body weakness will be removed. Unnecessary fats will be reduced and the body will be tightened and the nervous system will be strengthened.


The heat of the body will be reduced and the fatigue of the body will be removed.


All diseases such as Leukorrhea, uterine disorders in women will be cured.


Method of preparation of Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) Suranam


If you don't get green Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaves


By mixing one hundred grams of Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf powder with twenty grams of cumin powder, ten grams of pepper powder and five grams of turmeric powder, this is mixed daily in the amount of 5 grams with Luke Warm water both in the morning and in the evening and absorbed for a period of time, the lungs will be permanently strengthened. And through this all the above mentioned benefits will be available to our body.


Especially the diseases related to breathing like Asthma, nasal congestion and shortness of breath can be avoided if the leaves are consumed.


To work tirelessly


It not only strengthens the lungs but also gives the body excessive energy to work tirelessly. With this, you can work tirelessly and enthusiastically throughout the day.


For Runners, Athletes


Running, Speed ​​and Stamina are important in all sports. For this the existing players take drugs like steroids which have side effects. And taking steroids only gives temporary benefit. And it has many side effects.


Average human energy, power increases by almost 20-30% naturally when taken as a daily supplement of Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf.


For example if you can run 100 meters in 15 seconds then you can reduce it to 2-3 seconds if you take Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf daily.


If you can lift 100 kg, you can lift up to 20-30 kg more by taking Viluthi (Cadaba Indica) leaf daily.


Important Note: 

You don't need to wait long for these results, just a week is enough.


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